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Date ×-» 19.12.o7
Time ×-» 14.23h
Mood ×-» thoughtfully
Music ×-» nothin
Last Talk ×-» Jana (msn)


i'm here again. just heard a sentence which totally coerced me to think about:

"the darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move among us" by Dr. Samuel Loomis.

in a special way i love it. it reminds me on some situations. and honestly - i totally think it's the thruth! i cant explain so dont ask me why but i know it!

Well yeah, tomorrow's gonna be kickass. :] First i'll go with a friend,
to another friend's house, (its her birthday) and we're gonna bake a cake =D (i cant cook or bake) and then there's this huge birthday party,
and im gonna get very, very, drunk. nooo! of course i wont. so im not gonna be online tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow i'll only be online in the evening.

"cant break me down! burry me burry me. i am finished with you and all i wanted was you" (30 seconds to mars)
"my heart is beating loud as hell" (guano apes)
"I Close my eyes and forever that's the time when we were broken" (guano apes)

well check out the song of the week! ...

19.12.07 14:23

Date ×-» 16.12.o7
Time ×-» 17.23h
Mood ×-» tired
Music ×-» Smells like teens spirit by Paul Anka
Last Talk ×-» Marvin


Hey people, just watched a vid which is keeping me amused. ahaha. it's smells like teens spirit by Paul Anka. its a swing/jazz version of the well most important grunge song by Nirvana. i think he doesn't know what this song means especially meant to kurt cobain. but anywayz its a nice cover ahaha.

16.12.07 17:23

Date ×-» 14.12.o7
Time ×-» 23.58h
Mood ×-» sad
Music ×-» Never born by Guano Apes
Last Talk ×-» Sandra

Yeah, i'm bored once again. so another blog.
My back hurts =/ reallyreallyreally bad. Like ... when I move its like 'NOOO PAIIIINN' ... yes exactly like that.
listened to this song. of michael jackson covered by son of dork. it sucks!
Mimo is keeping me amused. i live in his basement. from now on :] ahaha don't let the yetriflashadef spiders get you. xD
and Sandraaaa! We adopted a penguin named pie. :] cause we kick ass! and I miss u :[ alot. *.*

..i don't feel the darkness, i don't feel anything.
nothing else is deeper, nothing else is good
no one cares about the blood in you..

i just feel alone. i miss a special girl. she is not online. it's terrible. today was fun. i talked a lot like "eerrr... well... this thingamabob! exactly! yeh u know what i mean? it's like .. uumm... well ... eerr.. goddamnit!!" i got on everybody's nervers. sorry for that.
13 days left. then i wont blog for a very long time. but im gonna be back, just hang on! :] im afraid i just cant live without telling u guys everything bout my life. ahaha.
Alex is angry. it's like.. umm one week, but it feels like 100 years.
i totally fell in love with roses. and guns. while listenin to guns'n'roses. u know.. this day i craved for killing me. i know it sounds hard. but. well i dont know whether you guys know how it is but it feels like nobody is beside you and all people want to goof on you and going mad seeing you. and things like that. it feels bad. but i wont do that. i knew a guy who killed himself. a friend of mine cant live without him and waking up every morning thinking about never holding this person in her arms again. it makes you sick. depressed. mad. want to kill you. i wish her to accept and learn to handle this. i cant let her be sad. well i think she'll get it done. she has to figure it out on her own.
sooo.. enough of that rubbish. nothing left to write. i know nobody is going to comment this like almost all blogs be4.

14.12.07 23:58

Date ×-» o4.12.o7
Time ×-» 18.o3h
Mood ×-» UGH
Music ×-» Until the end - Breaking Benjamin
Last Talk ×-» Alex


i feel like i blog. again :] yeah no one is going to comment this. i dont care =D
I want rain. for some reason. i wanna fall asleep tonight while hearing the soft sound of rain against my window.
lalala I didnt throw up today *thumbs up*

"i know how to defend
when you are in my head
i know that a storm is growing
i know how to hate everything
but soon or later i'll win
won't you take off your plastic mouth"

[by guano apes]

i duno whats left to write. just bored. yeah today was fun. i've been woken up by her. she was like .. umm "mike you have to take ur pills" and i was like "GODDAMNIT HOE GET OUTTA MY ROOM!" ahaha no i wasnt. i was like "eh....." so i got up and went down into the kitchen. she said "mike you made me sick" *cough cough* i pointed her and started laughing. i got hit for that. girls just cant understand jokes. >.<
omg i drank too much coke im like shaking ahahahahahha XD
another thing. this day i gonna blog soo much just for you not to be bored as i am. no i wont. I could've sworn I heard a gunshot last night. And someone scratching at my door. my dog? i dont have one. this fucken gunshot freaked me out.

4.12.07 18:03

Date ×-» 3o.11.o7
Time ×-» 19.42h
Mood ×-» bored
Music ×-» nothin
Last Talk ×-» Alex


This is the 4th day that I am sick. I feel kinda better, but still terrible. So that's nothing good >.> And normally Alex would be sick too.
Goddamnit Alex! you left me to suffocate. u'r no good friend, be sick when i ask you to! >.> Ahahah <3
yeeaah tomorrow's gonna be another boring day. I guess I can watch another movie? =D As long as its not sitting here being bored.
i was actually so bored yesterday i was singing the smurfs theme song :D WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT! Yeeaah, I hit rock bottom.

30.11.07 19:42

Date ×-» 21.11.o7
Time ×-» 15.18h
Mood ×-» angry
Music ×-» Kiss - Saprize feat. Sandra
Last Talk ×-» Aga [msn]


just another terrible day. its unbelievable how many asses there are in the world. but well never mind im gonna search for something else. honestly it was not my dream to work as. and it is so fuckin boring. i dont know why. this house is big and you can do a lot but anywayz.. damn. maybe im gonna swim! :] in this icecold water lake thing. maybe.
so hav a good day :]

21.11.07 15:18

Date ×-» o9.11.o7
Time ×-» 20.51h
Mood×-» Happy
Music ×-» nothin
Last Talk ×-» Aga [msn]

weeehooo gonna start a rockstar career :] just recorded two songs today. i proudly present: "i could" and "dim the lights" :] if u wanna listen to please enter this link: www.purevolume.com/dreadmechanic ... thanx for ur support and concern. :] especially i thank Sandra and Aga! it means a lot to me!

9.11.07 20:51

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