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Date ×-» o7.11.o7
Time ×-» 18.o1h
Feeling ×-» Okay...
Music ×-» Let it bleed by The Used
Last Talk ×-» Steffi [icq]


so just wanted to blog again. there is nothing to say but anywayz i do. it will be ma bday in 3 days, i wont do somethin special i think. just hangin out with sum friends.
im just wondering why there r so much stupid people. just listenin to "emotional" by Gintonik. such a bad song, he backbites emos what i do not understand. no way! but its just his opinion but im quite sure he has no idea why we are like that and not like him. nevermind. bad song please dont listen to it. just wanted to admonish u. hav a nice eve :]

7.11.07 18:01

Date ×-» o4.11.o7
Time ×-» 22.15h
Feeling ×-» Horrible
Music ×-» Ireen by Sandra
Last Talk ×-» Aga [msn]


It's terrible. im totally undercooled. i took a shower with ice cold water cuz the normal bathroom was taken for exeptional long time. this eve i had to talk to a man who might give me a better job but i missed the meeting becuz i was on the way with a friend so i must call him tomorrow. i hope ill get it done.

4.11.07 22:15

Date ×-» 21.1o.o7
Time ×-» 22.34h
Feeling ×-» Okay
Music ×-» Join me by HIM
Last Talk ×-» Sun [sms]


Im in Berlin now. The work is very difficult but fun cuz the people are nice to work with. all in all its a good job. i am so damn happy, a strange coincidence let me have the luck to get this job.
This eve i have to babysit. The parents are going to the theatre o.O ... i'd really like to go with em but i think they wanna be alone after it, they said theyd be back tomorrow morning.. :] they are so cute.

21.10.07 22:34

Date ×-» 19.1o.o7
Time ×-» 17.31h
Feeling ×-» Happy ..
Music ×-» Your Call by Secondhand Serenade ..
Last Talk ×-» Aga [msn]


it's time to thank god! i got the third sack yesterday. shit. today i talked to an old friend. she said i can get work in Berlin, shed arrange it and i can live in her house. i am so happy. absolutely. i am so thankful. she is such a neat and bodacious person. its the best damn thing that i know her!

19.10.07 17:31

Date ×-» 21.o9.o7
Time ×-» 19.51h
Feeling ×-» Okay ..
Music ×-» Tears dont fall by Bullet for my Valentine ..
Last Talk ×-» Steve [icq]


holy shit! this day was exhausting. im so fuckin tired u have no idea. :] so i hope u all r good. i hav nothing to tell u guys. actually. i want to go to rio. or somewhere else it is warm. so thanx a lot for reading my blog :]

7.11.07 17:35

Date ×-» 3o.o8.o7
Time ×-» 19.14h
Feeling ×-» Okay ..
Music ×-» Nothing ..
Last Talk ×-» Judith [msn]


i got a new job, weehooo! workin in a factory. its very unhealthy cuz of the exhalation in there. but ill get it done. i hope so. yesterday i talked to the headteacher cuz i wanna go to school again, he said id have to stop workin and i really need to concentrate better in school for getting a good degree but i cant. my teachers say i could be as good as the others because i was good before i stopped school what made me proud in a way. but if i had to stop workin id hav no money so this is unfeasible.

30.8.07 19:14

Date ×-» 24.o8.o7
Time ×-» 21.23h
Feeling ×-» Terrible ..
Music ×-» Nothing ..
Last Talk ×-» Dave [icq]


hi all there.

i made a new layout thats why i deleted all entries. today it was horrible. everything went bad. my girlfriend broke up with me. i duno why she gave me no reason. i got the sack cuz he said i would neglet my duty and better should finish school. i mean he knows that i really need the f***in money!

24.8.07 21:23

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