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My name is Mike, I'm age 18, I live in Germany
but i was born in LA and lived there. eight
years ago we moved. I'm currently done
school, I graduated and got accepted into a job.
I'm a pretty nice person but I can be a complete
ass if you get on my nerves. I don't like people
who are stuck up,I don't want to deal with any
drama on this website, I made this beaucse I was
bored, so if you want to start shit fuck off. Sometimes
i hate thunderstorms and loud noises. I cant
stand bugs. i like cuddling, holding hands and
eskimo kisses :] especially when it rains! <3 I do
fall for some girls but barley seems to be most
girls have alot of problems these days. I trust
too easy, which usually means i end up getting
hurt. when im nervous i talk really fast =/
I have Myspace plus Msn and Icq.
Ask if you want any of them.. i try to answer to
mails as well as i can. so feel free to write! :]
if you read this .. thank youu!


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