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Date ×-» o4.12.o7
Time ×-» 18.o3h
Mood ×-» UGH
Music ×-» Until the end - Breaking Benjamin
Last Talk ×-» Alex


i feel like i blog. again :] yeah no one is going to comment this. i dont care =D
I want rain. for some reason. i wanna fall asleep tonight while hearing the soft sound of rain against my window.
lalala I didnt throw up today *thumbs up*

"i know how to defend
when you are in my head
i know that a storm is growing
i know how to hate everything
but soon or later i'll win
won't you take off your plastic mouth"

[by guano apes]

i duno whats left to write. just bored. yeah today was fun. i've been woken up by her. she was like .. umm "mike you have to take ur pills" and i was like "GODDAMNIT HOE GET OUTTA MY ROOM!" ahaha no i wasnt. i was like "eh....." so i got up and went down into the kitchen. she said "mike you made me sick" *cough cough* i pointed her and started laughing. i got hit for that. girls just cant understand jokes. >.<
omg i drank too much coke im like shaking ahahahahahha XD
another thing. this day i gonna blog soo much just for you not to be bored as i am. no i wont. I could've sworn I heard a gunshot last night. And someone scratching at my door. my dog? i dont have one. this fucken gunshot freaked me out.

4.12.07 18:03

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Sandra (9.12.07 19:17)
Du armes Schwein. Es hat an deiner Tür gekratzt? Wann das denn ;-)

Sven (10.12.07 15:51)
ich kommentiers auch xD *kommentier*

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