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Date ×-» 14.12.o7
Time ×-» 23.58h
Mood ×-» sad
Music ×-» Never born by Guano Apes
Last Talk ×-» Sandra

Yeah, i'm bored once again. so another blog.
My back hurts =/ reallyreallyreally bad. Like ... when I move its like 'NOOO PAIIIINN' ... yes exactly like that.
listened to this song. of michael jackson covered by son of dork. it sucks!
Mimo is keeping me amused. i live in his basement. from now on :] ahaha don't let the yetriflashadef spiders get you. xD
and Sandraaaa! We adopted a penguin named pie. :] cause we kick ass! and I miss u :[ alot. *.*

..i don't feel the darkness, i don't feel anything.
nothing else is deeper, nothing else is good
no one cares about the blood in you..

i just feel alone. i miss a special girl. she is not online. it's terrible. today was fun. i talked a lot like "eerrr... well... this thingamabob! exactly! yeh u know what i mean? it's like .. uumm... well ... eerr.. goddamnit!!" i got on everybody's nervers. sorry for that.
13 days left. then i wont blog for a very long time. but im gonna be back, just hang on! :] im afraid i just cant live without telling u guys everything bout my life. ahaha.
Alex is angry. it's like.. umm one week, but it feels like 100 years.
i totally fell in love with roses. and guns. while listenin to guns'n'roses. u know.. this day i craved for killing me. i know it sounds hard. but. well i dont know whether you guys know how it is but it feels like nobody is beside you and all people want to goof on you and going mad seeing you. and things like that. it feels bad. but i wont do that. i knew a guy who killed himself. a friend of mine cant live without him and waking up every morning thinking about never holding this person in her arms again. it makes you sick. depressed. mad. want to kill you. i wish her to accept and learn to handle this. i cant let her be sad. well i think she'll get it done. she has to figure it out on her own.
sooo.. enough of that rubbish. nothing left to write. i know nobody is going to comment this like almost all blogs be4.

14.12.07 23:58

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Annika (15.12.07 12:01)
hi, du kennst mich nicht. ich les schon seit längerem deine blogs und du schreibst wirklich schön, grade dieser blog hat mich berührt, ich weiß wie du dich fühlst. tut mir leid für deine freundin, ich wünsch ihr auch alles gute.....
grüße, annika

roberto (17.12.07 13:50)
o0o0ooh it makes me cry!!! it is so sad but a kind of pretty how you write. thanks a lot for writing in english!!!!! otherwise i would not understand it and you know my english is not very good but i really try to become better!!!

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